Documentation for Javascript and web-components, configuration steps, and more.
The latest version of the SDK is published on and contains a web-component for rendering the Snapscreen UI and the necessary initialization API.
The JavaScript source code, for reference, is available at To stay informed about the latest updates and improvements, we recommend to watch this repository on GitHub .
The SDK can be integrated in:
A sample integration of the SDK can be found at
When integrating the SDK please make sure to follow our Integration Guide for a great customer experience.
A license key is required to use our API. You can obtain a license by contacting us at: [email protected]
The following license keys can be used for trial purposes only:
Client ID: u9jYT9g1q6gTxY8i
Client Secret: RMkiJPYCipP5bbG4YbtqzpdYne1b0hPSDItvq3YV