Customizing displayed messages, colors and fonts.

Customizing Colors

To customize colors in SnapViewController, use the SnapscreenUIColorConfiguration object on the Snapscreen instance.

Snapscreen.instance?.colorConfiguration.background = UIColor.white

Customizing Fonts

To customize fonts in SnapViewController, use the SnapscreenUIFontConfiguration object on the Snapscreen instance.

Snapscreen.instance?.fontConfiguration.base = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 14, weight: ..regular)

Customizing Snap UI

To customize displayed messages in the SnapViewController use the SnapscreenSnapUIConfiguration object on the Snapscreen instance.

Snapscreen.instance?.snapUIConfiguration.snapHintText = "My custom Hint"

All desired customizations must be done prior to presenting the SnapViewController. While it is also possible to modify the configuration between presentations of the SnapViewController, modifications initiated while the ViewController is present are not guaranteed to be respected.

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