Steps to initialize SnapscreenFramework functionality.

Import SnapscreenFramework

For any class that requires access to the SnapscreenFramework functionality, add the following line:

import SnapscreenFramework


In order to initialize Snapscreen, call the following class method in AppDelegate in application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:

    withClientId: "your-client-id", 
    clientSecret: "your-client-secret", 
    environment: .production

Additional information

To improve performance, SnapOdds requires basic locational information to be provided. Set the users country and US state information within the SDK using the parameters country and usState:

Snapscreen.instance?.country = "US"
Snapscreen.instance?.usState = "NJ"

Accessing SDK instance

Once Snapscreen is initialized, it can be retrieved by calling:


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