React Native

While we currently do not provide a wrapped NPM package for a React Native integration of our SDK, we provide a very simply step-by-step introduction in your project.

First follow the Steps in iOS Installation and Android Installation to integrate the native SDK packages in the your native projects and then see the examples under the SnapOdds Operator and SnapOdds Sport Media section how to integrate the SnapOdds SDK functionality.

In order to use the SnapOdds SDK in your React Native project you need to target at least the following target versions with your application.

  • iOS 13.0 or later

  • Android 6.0 or newer (API Level 23)

For a working example including the React Native Modules to reuse see our React Native Sample project at


A license key is required to use SnapOdds Sports Operator or Sports Media APIs. You can obtain a license by contacting us at:

The following license keys used in the video guide are for trial purposes only:

Client ID: u9jYT9g1q6gTxY8i

Client Secret: RMkiJPYCipP5bbG4YbtqzpdYne1b0hPSDItvq3YV

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